Friday, March 30, 2012

Sean in Adelaide Day 1

Sean arrived in Adelaide for the Oz Comic Con on Friday, local time, and wasted no time in tweeting pics! Unless otherwise noticed, these were tweeted by him.

Posted by @kelts82

Paul and Naomi brought treats for Sean.

Sean stops for a burger. Posted by @missmaggiejane

Sean meets some folks from another popular franchise.
Posted by @r2inadelaide

Posted by @Haley_Pearson

Sean and Princess Leia, aka @Haley_Pearson

Sean with Conny, Dan, Matt & Benzin at Pulp Fiction Comics

Sean and Conny Valentina

Sean and Matt

@missmaggiejane takes Sean to special TV interview. 

Sean gets ready for TV interview

Sean and Debi Derryberry

@leishkin catches Sean tweeting. What a shock! ;-)

@SeanAstin was trending in Adelaide earlier today!


  1. OMG, Sean is in Australia!!!

  2. Love all the pics! And the tweeting! *g* Lucky Aussies!!

    1. He really did a lot of tweeting when he got there. I didn't even post the pics without him! ;-)