Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sean Astin & Clay Beabout featured on "The Doctors"

Clay Beabout and Sean Astin will be featured on The Doctor's tomorrow, March 28, speaking about the short film "Deep Blue Breath," the Make A Film Foundation and Clay's disease, VATER's Syndrome.

Deep Blue Breath is a sweet and touching story about where Clay's thoughts go while he is in surgery, and costars Sean as his father.

Please check your local listings and tune in!


  1. Thank you so much for the heads up on this!! I really enjoyed seeing the show. It was amazing! Just made my heart happy. I will have to get the video of Deep Blue Breath. Clay, you're my hero!!

    1. I managed to catch it on my DVR, so it was nice to watch the whole thing in high def. Clay is an amazing your man!

      I have the DVD, it's a sweet moving story.