Saturday, March 17, 2012

Runner's World, Blythe RAW & hats!

Sean had an eventful day yesterday, so settle down to read and watch!

First, an interview with Runner's World, the premiere magazine for runners, made the front page of their web site with a story titled: I'm a Runner: Sean Astin.

There's a written interview with many interesting tidbits as well, so be sure to check it out for details about The Colour of Magic, Sean's running during his honeymoon and the time he saved a paparazzo from being hit by a bus!

Next, Sean appeared on the Blythe RAW Live show, talking withe host Blyte Metz about healthy eating. Surprise: Sean's diet is not what it should be!

(Note: turn your speaker volume up for this; the sound is rather low.)

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from his visit to the show posted by Blythe.

And finally, Sean had a baseball cap embroidered with his #run3rd logo on it to match his shirt. He joked on Twitter that he might get a tattoo next! :-O These pics were posted by Sean on his Twitter account.

My thanks to for providing the videos in embeddable format!


  1. So somewhere between Runner's World and Blythe Raw, he got a hair cut? *mourns*

    Love how he still is living on subs (like how he's talked about happening during filming in New Zealand).

    Sean, you're just too cute!! :D

    1. I guess he didn't want his curls weighing him down, especially if it rains!

      As I recall, it was meatball subs in NZ. Not the healthiest of meals, he should be eating off the veggie and fruit plates he puts out for the kids!