Saturday, March 24, 2012

Inspiring Stories at LA Marathon

Hollywood actor and long distance runner Sean Astin, who is famous for his epic roles in “The Goonies” and “Lord of the Rings,” ran the LA Marathon in support of the Achilles Freedom Team (and other charities) and even wore a hat supporting his base organization #Run3rd. 
“There is a sense of achievement and community as well as the sexiness when competing in the LA Marathon,” said Astin the day before the race. “Nobody was handing out water in Mordor. 
Heading in to the race, Astin said he was wishing for “a little heat blast from around First street and Grand right near Disney Hall,” even though he admitted to enjoying running in the “cool weather.” 
The 41-year-old Astin completed the LA Marathon with a time of 4:26:31 and was 593 in his age division successfully beating his 2010 time of 5:16:02. 
Astin competed in two prior LA Marathons, and even limped out his last race “fighting with every heart, nerve, and sinew” to break four hours after injuring his calf muscle training in the week prior to the LA Marathon in 2010.
Source: Santa Monica Mirror

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