2014 Events Calendar

Here are some of the upcoming events for Sean Astin in 2014.

Please also check the calendar of events on Sean's official website seanastin.com which is now being regularly updated.

Jan 21: Justice League War premiere, NYC

Feb 1: Stan Lee's Mighty 7 premieres on Hub Network TV 8pm ET/5pm PT.

Feb 4: Justice League War released on DVD

Feb 6: German DVD release of Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

Feb 14-16: Entertainment New Media Network conference, Anaheim CA

Feb 25: Boys of Abu Ghraib available of movies on demand, check your local service provider

Mar 7-9: Toronto Comic Con, Toronto ON

Mar 17: UK DVD release of Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

Mar 28: Boys of Abu Ghraib limited theatrical release, also on iTunes and Amazon Streaming

Mar 29-30: Louisville Comic Con, Louisville KY

Mar 30: Chocolate Run 5K, Louisville KY

Apr 5-6: St. Louis Comic Con, St Louis MO

Apr 6: A Long Run documentary narrated by Sean Astin released on DVD and Vimeo

Apr 12: OC Dugout Signing, Anaheim CA

Apr 16: Boys of Abu Ghraib on DVD.

Apr 19-20 Awesome Con, Washington DC

Apr 24-27 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, Calgary AB

Apr 29: Red Carpet premiere for Moms' Night Out, Hollywood CA

May 1: Premiere of Season 2 of Vox Populi Radio on TradioV,com.

May 2: Appearance at Shenandoah Apple Festival, Winchester VA

May 3-4: Minneapolis Comic Con, Minneapolis MN

May 9: Theatrical release of Moms' Night Out

May 9-11: Ottawa Comic Con, Ottawa ON

May 16: Memphis Belle (1990) released on Blu-ray

May 30-Jun 1: Fanboy Expo, Knoxville TN

June 7: Screening of premiere episode of The Strain, ATX Television Fest, Austin TX

Jun 21-22 Philadelphia Comic Con, Philadelphia PA

Jun 22: Premiere of "The Strain" on FX Network

Jul 3-5: Fantasy Con, Salt Lake City UT

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  1. See you in Knoxville!!! Can't wait for one of those fantastic Sean hugs!!!