Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sean flying high: video & interview

The Blue Angels are in El Centro CA for the NAF El Centro Air Show on March 10, and Sean Astin got the opportunity to fly in Lt. Mark Tedrow's F/A-18 Hornet. They flew at near Mach 1 (~760 miles/hour) and experienced G forces up to 7.2 times the pull of gravity!

KYMA TV's Rachel Elzufon was there when Sean landed, and wrote this interview.
Lieutenant Tedrow flew Astin all over the Desert Southwest, showing him all kind of stunts, twists and turns. 
"We were high altitude for the first half," Astin said. "Then we talked politics for the second half." 
Astin says this experience makes him even more proud to be an American. 
"This is America. I don't know what other fighting forces are like in the world. But the fact that in ours you can go and serve our country in war time … and then come back and show your skills to citizens. 
Astin says he was amazed by the beauty of the Desert Southwest, both on the ground and in the air. 
Astin was actually invited to fly with the Blue Angels on his twitter page.
Astin tells News 11 he was asking followers to suggest causes for him to run for during an upcoming marathon. One of the responses was from a Lieutenant [Mike Smith] offering Astin the chance of a lifetime to fly with the Blue Angels.

Video Source

To get an idea of what Sean experienced in flight, check out this story and video of KYMA's 
Rachel Elzufon taking a ride.

And here are some pics from the experience:

Elizabeth Varin, Sean Astin and Rachel Elzufon. Source

Sean and friend, source

And in case you missed this one, posted by Sean


  1. How totally cool that Sean got to do that!! I'm envious. :-) Thanks for pics and video and interview!!

    1. LOL I'm not envious because I know I could never do it myself. But I am very happy for him! :-D

  2. That's great! I knew this was happening through Twitter! Glad he didn't puke! LOL! But he says now that his legs feel like he was in the gym for 3 hours because of the 'G-forces'. Another thing off the list! ;P

    1. And then he went out and ran for 4 miles this morning! :-O