Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adopting Terror premieres April 7 on Lifetime

The Lifetime movie "Adopting Terror" premieres Saturday, April 7, 8pm ET, with additional airings scheduled for April 8 at midnight and April 14, 6pm. Check your local listings for details.

The movie stars Sean Astin as and Samaire Armstrong as adoptive parents Tim and Cheryl Bradford, with Michael Gross, Kristen Quintrall, Monet Mazur, Shiloh Nelson and Joe Bohn.
A couple adopts a baby and feels their life is happy and complete until the baby's natural father wants his child back. He starts to stalk the family - never crossing the line to anything illegal but upsetting the couple. Their only ally is their adoption case-worker who may have sinister motives of her own. When the child falls twice, the accidents are reported as abuse and, with the adoption in jeopardy, the couple starts to doubt their abilities as parents.
Sean and Shiloh behind the scenes


  1. Oh! That sounds good! I'm going to put this on my calendar now!
    Hugs, Rach

  2. I saw it and it was gudd yayy