Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Armor Games interviews Sean about run3rd and gaming

Armor Games interviewed Sean about his passions for gaming, running and his #Run3rd project.
It’s just a hash tag like the millions of others, but I am infusing it with sustained passion and intention. The longer it goes on, the more I reflect about why it is able to grow. I wonder how many of the people that make dedications have ever done that before. I like to think that in many cases my invitation unlocks a little something…causing the person to consider for a moment…it is that moment of reflecting on what is important enough to make a public statement about that is the beauty of #run3rd..sure the internet might feel like a safe place to throw out a thought, but the truth is that for most of the people who post a #run3rd dedication, they feel incredibly deeply about their loved ones or cause. The stream of these things moves people, in many cases to tears…
Read the full interview here.


  1. Another great interview! He just makes me laugh. He is so witty! Thanks, Sean!!

    1. He's been pretty funny on Twitter too. I think he's learning how to condense humor, LOL!