Friday, May 31, 2013

"Mom's Night Out" at Bowling Alley

The cast and crew of "Mom's Night Out" have spent the last couple of days filming at Oak Mountain Lanes in Pelham AL. Cast spotted included Sean Astin, his movie wife Sarah Drew (Grey's Anatomy), Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond, The Middle), country music legend Trace Adkins, Harry Shum Jr (Mike Chang from Glee), Abbie Cobb (Subagatory), Sammi Hanratti, Andrea Logan White and Robert Amaya.

Sean and movie wife Sarah Drew

Samurai, Hobbit, Freddy and Geisha!

Great video documentation of Sean Astin's and Robert Englund's visit to Fujieda. The "geisha" is Robert's wife, Nancy! :-)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

More behind the scenes photos from Mom's Night Out

As first exclusively reported here, Sean Astin continues to film "Mom's Night Out" in Birmingham AL and vicinity. Some other stars mentioned as being involved include Sarah Drew, Patricia Heaton, Abbie Cobb, Sammi Hanratty and Trace Adkins!

Here are some behind the scenes photos, starting with two of Sean with his movie kids!

At Treetop Family Adventures.

Local news video of Sean Astin & Robert Englund in Fujieda

Sean Astin's and Robert Englund's visit to Fujieda Japan is documented on Tokai local cable TV. John Alcantar and Mitsuaki Munegumi also appear. All the highlights of their visit are covered in the first news story.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Official Historic Half Race Photos

These photos may not be reproduced without express written permission. Thank you!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sean Astin at Historic Half by Brenton Brown

These photos were taken post-race by Brenton Brown and are reposted with permission. Source

Sean shows off his #run3rd patch.

He got a pretty cool medal!

And yeah, he's excited about it!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sportskool's Coaches and Parents with Sean Astin

In 2010, Sean Astin hosted a series of videos for Sportskool on how coaches and parents can work together to help children get the most out of athletics. These videos are now available on Youtube:

Parent Coaching:

Practice Strategies:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More photos from Marine Corps Historic Half

More pictures of Sean's whirlwind visit to Fredricksburg Virginia for the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon.

On arrival in town on Saturday, Sean visited the expo to get his bib and shirt.

He's Number One!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sean Astin steals the show at Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon

Excerpted from article in Marine Corps Times.

Sean gets his finisher's medal from Col. David W. Maxwell, commander of Marine Corps Base Quantico.

…  But it was actor Sean Astin, star of the movies “Rudy” and the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, who stole the show.

Sean fired the starter's pistol before joining 8,000 runners for the half.
Wearing the ceremonial race bib No. 1, he fired the starter’s pistol to kick off the race. Then, he jumped into the fray and ran the 13.1-mile course, finishing in 2 hours and 11 minutes and 58 seconds.

Being the featured star in a military sponsored event, he said was an honor for him as it gave him a chance to spend some time with members of the military.

“I was trained early on to look a Marine, soldier, sailor or airman in the eye and thank them for their service and mean it,” Astin said. “I’m a very patriotic American and this gives me a chance to prove it.”

What he wasn’t expecting was for the race to renew patriotism.

“This is very special — a military event in a historic place and I won’t forget it — standing in the middle of the street and the [national and Marine Corps] colors are presented and there’s a cannon being set off by a unit of Marines and you’re singing the national anthem with them — it reawakens in you a spirit of pride in our country and those who serve her.” …

Listening to the National Anthem.
Astin, meanwhile didn’t run his fastest half marathon, but that didn’t seem to bother him as he graciously posed for pictures with many runners and their families around the finish line after the race.

Being among service members, Astin said, reminds him of what’s important.

“I’m a 42-year old man now and I look around and see these young Marines, in their early- to mid-20s, many of whom have already deployed overseas four times, and you just are in awe of them,” he said.

“Regardless of what you think about what we’re doing around the world, at some time or other we depend on these people to protect our freedom, our way of life by doing a tough job that most people would hesitate to do.”

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sean Astin joins cast of The Surface

Sean Astin has been named as one of two leads for the indie film "The Surface."
"The Surface, an independent feature film with adventure, mystery, humor and heart, is the story about two strangers, both at the end of their rope, who suddenly meet in the middle of the unpredictable waters of Lake Michigan. It's about how even on the darkest days there’s light and how precious life is. It’s an uplifting story about desperation, friendship and hope. 
Lake Michigan is an integral character in the story, with its calm beauty and powerful unpredictability."
Read more about the movie, scheduled to film in Milwaukee WI, at their Facebook page and web site.

Sean Astin at the Marine Corp Historic Half Marathon

Sean Astin ran the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon today in Fredricksburg VA. His times were: 5K in 32:33, 10:29 min/mi; 10K in 1:05:48, 10:36 min/mi; 15K in 1:37:11, 10:26 min/mi; 20K 2:06:31, 10:11 min/mi and a strong finish time of 2:11:58, 10:04 min/mi. Here is the first batch of photos and a video from the event.

Sean shows off his #run3rd logo for a group of Marines.

Sean shows off his medal. Photo by wryang.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sean Astin to start and run Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon

Not only will Sean Astin run in the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in Fredericksburg, VA, on Sunday, May 19, he will serve as the official starter and fire the starter's pistol!

Be there when the town crier calls for the starting musket to fire and run the streets where the nation's first president lived as a boy and the North and South came face to face in battle. 
The Historic Half takes runners on 13.1 mile journey from the retail hub of Central Park through the historic downtown streets, up the now famous hospital hill to awaiting Marines at the Historic Half finish line. Perfectly situated in the timeless city of Fredericksburg halfway between the capital of the Commonwealth in Richmond and the nation's capital, Historic Half Weekend features the Healthy Lifestyle Expo, the Semper Fred 5K and, starting in 2013, the Marine Corps Historic 10K. 
Official press release.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Full Q&A video from Dallas Fan Days 2012

Here is the full video of Sean Astin's Q&A session at Dallas Fan Days on October 20. 2012.

Photos and interviews from that convention here.

Sean Astin helps Team Starkid promote new play

Sean Astin (or is it Dylan Saunders???) is helping his Team StarKid pals promote their new Kickstarter-funded play "Judas Redux" by ironing.

Just watch the video:

More details here.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Exclusive! Sean Astin filming Moms' Night Out

According to tweets by the Birmingham Airport and Brian Dichiara, Sean Astin is currently filming a movie directed by brothers Jon and Andrew Erwin in Birmingham, AL. We can exclusively report that the family comedy is "Moms' Night Out," set for distribution by Sony's Provident Films.
It’s a story about a mother named Allyson [Sarah Drew], who has three wonderful, energetic, creative, imaginative, industrious (and did we mention energetic?) children all under the age of seven. She is attempting to be “Super-Mom,” but it’s only making her super-stressed and super-tired. So when her husband Sean [Sean] suggests she take a night off with her friends, she figures a nice relaxing dinner with some good grown-up conversation will be just the break they all need. But when “nice relaxing dinner” turns into nachos at the bowling alley, and leads to talking herself out of jail, it is clear that something has gone wrong… terribly wrong. Source

Sean filming at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. Photo by @BHMAirport.

Photo by @scubakyle

Check here for more behind the scenes photos and news! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero behind the scenes photos

In honor of the premiere screening of Cabin Fever: Patient Zero at the Cannes Film Festival this month, here are some behind the scenes photos from it's filming last fall in the Dominican Repubic. Sean Astin stars as the eponymous patient, who carries a deadly flesh eating disease!

A tropical paradise, despite the blood! :-O

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More photos from Friday in Fujieda

[More photos from Friday's events here.]

The following images are from Many more at the site.

Sean Astin and Robert Enlgund  arrive in Fujieda from Tokyo.

Robert and Sean hold banners with their names written in Japanese.

Videos of Sean Astin's Q&As at Hollywood Collector's Convention

Q&A sessions were not originally part of the schedule for the Hollywood Collectors Convention in Tokyo, but after an impromptu session by Sean on Sunday, sessions were scheduled for Monday for both Sean and Robert Englund. Here are videos of Sean from both days.

On Sunday, Sean discussed his favorite parts of The Hobbit, "Number The Stars" which he is hoping to make into a movie, tattoos and the fun of movie collectibles:

Head Goonie hat and Steven Spielberg:

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sean Astin's Sunday at Hollywood Collectors Convention

Sunday May 5 was the first day of the 2nd Hollywood Collectors Convention in Tokyo. Below are many photos from signings, photo ops, an impromptu Q&A session, and a trip to Shibuya for dinner.

Sean mediates between Freddie Kruger and Jason.

Ever the helpful Hobbit, Sean tapes down wires before the show.

Update on The Freemason

According to a tweet by director Sohrab Mirmontazeri, The Freemason will be released late 2013 or early 2014.

Sean talks briefly about his role in the movie to the United Film Institute:

More behind the scenes photos and video, including possible spoilery photo from Fear Factory Salt Lake City:

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sean Astin's Saturday in Tokyo: Photos and Videos

After Sean ran the TELL Charity Walk and Runathon, he still had a full day of activities ahead of him, including an interview on Wallop TV, visiting the Hollywood Collectors Gallery and shopping!

Photos are by Sean Astin and Mitsuaki Munegumi.

Sean at the Tokyo Skytree Tower

Sean Astin runs 10K in Tokyo

Pinning on his race bib.
Sean Astin ran the 14th Annual TELL Charity Walk and Runathon on Saturday May 4, 2013. TELL is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing support and counseling services to Japan's international community.

The 10K race, which circled the Imperial Palace, gave Sean his first opportunity to officially compete in another country. His finishing time was 53:54, for an 8:40 minutes/mile pace.

Sean had originally hoped to run a nearby half marathon, and turned to his Twitter followers to seek help in registering. Unfortunately, online registration had closed and no one answered the phone number (it was Friday evening by then). Fortunately, fans found another race for him with same day registration available. Turned out to be the perfect way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning in Tokyo!

Unless otherwise noted, photos are by Sean or Mitsuaki Munegumi @sovjapan.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday in Shizuoka and Fujieda

On Friday morning, Sean Astin, Robert Englund, John Alcantar (Entertainment Legends) and Mitsuaki Munegumi (organizer of Hollywood Collectors Convention) took the Shinkansen (aka the Bullet Train) from Tokyo to Shizuoka, just the beginning of their adventures!

Is this the right track??

Extraction will debut online!

According to Variety, the martial arts action film "Extraction," which Sean recently finished filming, will debut as an internet movie.
On the film front, Crackle (Sony Pictures Television’s online video network) will bow 90-minute “Extraction” in September 2013, which SPT claims is the first major feature made for the Internet. Pic follows black-ops member who finds himself the only survivor of a botched prisoner-extraction mission and must escape from maximum-security prison in Russia—with the prisoner alive—in order to catch a terrorist arms-dealer who is a threat to thousands of lives
“Extraction” features Danny Glover ("Lethal Weapon"), Vinnie Jones (“Snatch”), Sean Astin (“Lord of the Rings” series), Joanne Kelly (“Going the Distance”), Falk Hentschel (“Knight and Day”), and Jon Foo (“Tekken”). Pic written and directed by Tony Giglio (“Chaos,” “In Enemy Hands”), produced by Ranger 7 Films, founded by exec producers Mike Callaghan, Reuben Liber and Justin Bursch.
Update: According to IMDB, Sean's character's name is Kyle Black.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

More from the Tokyo Press Conference

Here is another article about today's press conference, with more photos.
Japanese | English translation

This article focuses more on Robert Englund, but Sean is featured in text and photos!
Japanese | English translation

(Earlier article and photos on this post.)

Tokyo Press Conference with Sean Astin and Robert Englund

Sean Astina and Robert Englund gave a press conference Thursday evening in Tokyo, ahead of their appearance at the Hollywood Collectors Convention this Friday in Fujieda, and Sunday and Monday in Tokyo.

Article in Japanese | translation one | translation two. More articles and photos here.