Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Boobathon the Poster!

Watch the trailer here!

Read interviews with Sean's costars here!

My thanks to director Alex Perry for providing posters.


  1. That comedy short is hilarious!! Every time I watch it, I see and understand more of the "funny". Which is really saying something cause the first time I saw it I had tears in my eyes from laughter. Love the poster (is that Sean's phone in his pocket? *grins*) and the interviews are also great. Thank you for gathering all of this and posting it for us! So very much appreciated.

    1. I just wish it were longer so we'd have a better idea what the heck was going on! :-P

      Hmm, that must be his iPhone, we know he never lets it get far away!

      It was so generous of director Alex Perry to provide me with the posters. I haven't seen them elsewhere! <3