Monday, September 2, 2013

Sean Astin in "The Santa Switch" this Thanksgiving

Sean Astin stars as an elf in a business suit in the upcoming Hallmark Channel holiday movie "The Santa Switch." The movie also stars Ethan Erickson, Ann Dudek and Annie Thurman.

Christmas has never been good for Dan and this year is especially rough, his business has gone under and his divorce will become final in the New Year. But, when a mysterious man named Kris gives Dan the gift of being Santa this year, he finds himself with new powers which he tries to use to win his family back. 

The movie premieres Saturday, December 7, 8pm ET/PT.

Sources: here and here and the IMDB listing here.


  1. Wow- so soon! :) That's awesome!

    So, since Sean's name is still missing on IMDB and the role of Kris isn't listed, can we assume that he will be playing Kris?

  2. An elf in a business suit…well, that sounds cute! :) Look forward to finding out more!