Friday, September 6, 2013

Disneyland 1/2 Marathon Weekend Pt 4/6: 5K and 10K

Sean Astin ran both the 5K and 10K Disneyland races on Saturday August 31. It was not easy logistically! No sooner did he finish one race than he had to hustle back over to the Start line for the second. His time for the 5K (self-timed) was 28:17, 9:06 miles/minute pace, and his official time for the 10K was 57:55, 9:19 pace.

But first, the best photo of the weekend!
Sean leaps for joy on leaving Sleeping Beauty's Castle during the 10K.

Sean at the start of the 5K

There was only time for a couple of quick photos with #run3rders Stacey and Tony Conticello before the early morning race started.

There was only time for a quick pic or two between the races!

Sean with Joey Fatone and Ali Vincent.

And it's off to the races again, this time for the 10K!

Sean gets his 10K medal.

Now's the time to show off your bling with your friends!

With Jeff Galloway and friends.

Time for tea and cupcakes!

After a shower and change, Sean shows off his medal while enjoying the Cars Land  ride.

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