Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another holiday movie coming up for Sean Astin!

This one is for Halloween!

Andy is a young scientist who can't keep from blowing things up. When his dad sticks him on the football team to keep him out of trouble, he's soon miserable… and sore. Determined to win the science fair, which is the same day as the Halloween football game, he ditches practice and ends up at the house of Doctor Frankenstein. There he encounters Frankenstein's monster, who is young, strong, and green. He prefers the name "Frank" and loves football. Frank and Andy come up with a scheme, Frank will trade places with Andy on the team, while Andy uses the doctor's lab under Frank's guidance. The only problem is that Andy ends up creating a real monster that threatens to destroy the town. It's up to Frank and Andy to work together and save the day! "A Monsterous Holiday" comes to DVD and VOD October 15. 

There is currently no information on what role Sean voices.

Update September 13: The 45 minute feature has been picked up by the Cartoon Network, and an image has been released. Source

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