Friday, September 27, 2013

Sean Astin runs the EAS Distance Classic

Not content with just signing autographs, doing photo ops and having a Q&A session with fans during his 30-hour stay in Columbus OH, Sean also signed up for a 10-mile race on Sunday morning. The EAS Distance Classic includes a longer 20-mile race for the ultra-athlete as well as a 5K for the casual Sunday runner. Sean has set his sights on the Chicago Marathon on October 13.

(A more personalized account and additional photos are on the run3rd blog.)

Before the race, Sean posed with some fans who were quite thrilled to see him at their small race.

He also met with the #run3rd team:

Not bunny ears, but the #run3rd sign! ;-)

Sean gave a brief speech to the runner before the race started:

And they're off!

Sean checks his iPhone at the start of the race.

And again at the end of the 10 miles.
That smile is because of his time!

Sean ran the 10 miles in 1:23:32, an 8:22 minutes/mile pace, for 17th place out of 57 runners. His split for the first 10K was ~52:14, the fastest he's done in 10 years, he said. Sean was a very happy camper!

Sean gets his finisher medal

Sean with Rachel Connor, the top female finisher in the 10 miler

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