Friday, August 30, 2013

The Surface filmed at local bowling alley

The cast and crew of "The Surface" spent a day filming at the Bay View Bowl as reported on by the Bay View Compass. Read the full article here.

Hollywood discovers Lake Michigan (and casts Bay View Bowl)

Sean Astin and Rachel Renee with Bay View Bowl owners Andrea and Mike Kosinski

The film stars Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Rudy, The Goonies) and Chris Mulkey (Rain Man, Cloverfield). They play two desperate men who meet in the dangerous waters of Lake Michigan following a small plane crash. They help each other regain a sense of hope.

“[I was drawn to] just the basic idea,” Astin said, “and Lake Michigan as a character is a great concept.” He likened the film to tales of the Old West, where two grizzled and unlikely partners meet in the scorching desert. 
Sean Astin entered casually, already in costume. After greeting [Bay View Bowl owner Mike] Kosinski, he and an assistant set to work modifying the length of his bowling shoes’ laces.

“Do you bowl?” she asked.

Astin smirked. “I don’t know, let’s see.” His first ball spent most of its journey skirting the edge of the lane before dropping into the gutter. Having appraised the lay of the land, Astin’s second swing was more confident and all but two pins were toppled.

Astin’s co-star in the scene, Racine-native Rachel Renee arrived and the two immediately started bowling against each other, keying the video scoreboard with their characters’ names Mitch and Laurie. 

Sean and Rachel on the monitor during filming

Astin said he liked his accommodations in the Third Ward, which he cited as a vibrant community. As an avid cyclist and runner, he said he was having a “grand old time” in the mild Milwaukee summer. “We just went by a park with an outdoor concert (Chill On The Hill)… It’s just people outside enjoying life,” he said.

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