Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Super Megafest Part 2; Twitter; And They're Off news

• Sean reached his goal of 10,000 Twitter followers Monday evening! Thanks to all my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LiveJournal friends who helped spread the word!

• "And They're Off" will be released on video on demand, DVD and iTunes by next April. I'll be posting a review of the movie in a little while.

• Here's an interview with Sean from Boston Events Insider at the Super Megafest. Says interviewer Johnny Monsarrat "I was pleased to find him so comfortable with the fans, and humble. If fame comes to any of us, we should keep our act together so well."

Sean discussed his desire to keep creative control over his "Number the Stars" project, involvement with politics, working on "Amazing Love," and other topics.

See full article here

I'll have a full report of Sean's Q&A session from my intrepid reporter on the scene, complete with video, shortly!
Sean Astin signs autographs for fans at Boston Super Megafest. Source


  1. wow, he looks good in that blue shirt.
    Great job, Linda. I love to read news about Sean, because I'm too far away, with no chance to attent his events.

    I think he read your poll "What should Sean have on his head?" and that 72 % of his fans answered "Nothing but curls" ;)

  2. I wish I could get to more events, but it's nice to have friends to provide reports! :-)

    I hope he did see the poll results. He didn't have a hat on during the con. ;-)

  3. Great article!! I never thought I would find myself saying this but there is one point where I TOTALLY disagree with Sean. Sean was discussing Dan Adler's recent run for Congress and Sean said, "He lost hard, and it was my fault, too..." Absolutely not! With the short time they had for campaigning, lack of name recognition, and other obstacles, Sean did an amazing job of getting Mr. Adler's message to the people of the District. I know how hard Sean worked on that campaign and it was not his fault they lost the election. If Mr. Adler continues to be interested in politics, Sean has positioned him perfectly for the next step. At best, Mr. Adler was a long shot for the seat but now he has some name recognition, campaign experience and contacts to facilitate the next step all thanks to Sean. (praeriedikter)

  4. I agree with you! I suspect (hope) this comment was made with self-deprecating humor, and he doesn't really believe this. I think his attitude is play hard or go home. They played hard, and if they lost, they can still hold their heads high.

    Sean got not just local but national attention for his candidate, and that's a primary goal of a campaign manager.

    And he made people smile! :-D

  5. It was a thrill to see Sean there and the Q&A with him and Sala Baker was entertaining and interesting. I'm so glad I went!

  6. Ellen I'm so glad you were able to be there and bring back reports and vids and squee! :-D