Friday, November 11, 2011

Polls are closed: results are in!

The results* have been tallied in the "What should Sean have on his head" poll. An overwhelming majority (72%) prefer nothing but curls, with cowboy hat coming in a surprising but distant second with 16%.**

A baseball cap worn backwards beat out forwards baseball cap 15% to 2%,*** while hair gel drew only 2%.

Mr. Astin, the results are clear!

* The total is > 100% as multiple selections were allowed.
** Sean has recently tripled his cowboy roles by adding Mayor Wayne in the just aired "Love's Christmas Journey" and Cal Calhoun in the upcoming comedy "Out West" to his Martin Jarrett in "Into the West."
*** One could argue, with some validity, that baseball caps, both forward and backward, came in second with a combined total of 17%.


  1. Yeah for the curls!! (praeriedikter)

  2. Well, now we need a judicial decision that he is not permittet to wear anything else than his beautiful curls.
    If he ever travels to cold countries he is allowed to wear a cowboy hat ;)

  3. Praeriedikter, good to see the best candidate win!

    Catw, a court order is a good idea! Know any judges to bribe?