Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sean's "hook" for Samwise

At the Super Megafest in Boston, Sean discussed a "hook," a phrase he was given to help remind him of how Samwise's accent should be done. This is his hook:

Many thanks to Ellen for the videos!


  1. Love that hook! Thanks for clipping it out for us!

  2. This audio clip just makes me smile. Sometimes I just can't get over the creativity, hard work and perseverance that is needed from so many people just to make stories come to life for the audience. I really appreciate it. (praeriedikter)

  3. @Ellen, thanks for the video. I really love the way he says "apple"!

    @P, It is incredible all that went into the movie. I've read that some people didn't like watching the DVD extras because it took away the magic. To me, it added to it, knowing all the detailed loving work that went into the movies, some of which we never see or barely registers when we watch unknowingly.