Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sean to run in 15k race Saturday Updated

Sean posted another photo of his running shoes earlier this week. Via his Twitter account, he announced that he will be running in the Goodloe Byron 15k Mountain Run at Mount St. Mary's University in Emmitsburg, MD, Saturday, December 3 at 9am.

Sean says these are his favorite running shoes,
but wore a blue-trimmed pair for the Calabasas Classic 10k.
Sean is training for the LA Marathon, March 18, 2012. FYI, a 15k race is about 9.3 miles; a marathon is 26.2 miles.

"The hilly, picturesque course takes runners along dirt roads through the forests of College Mountain. The course winds past mountain streams, ponds and farm fields." Source.


  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date on Sean's running career. :-) Go Sean!

  2. He also tweeted recently that he's been doing a lot of bike riding. :-)

  3. Sean must be spending the weekend in Maryland. He is running the race (Go, Sean!) on Saturday. Also, he mentioned in a video from Super Megafest (did I get that right?) that John Hopkins is having some sort of event or celebration for his father on December 5. Hope he has a wonderful time!! (praeriedikter)

  4. P, did he say it was the 5th? I just recall him saying December, but I guessed that's why he choose MD to run in rather than something a little closer to home!

    I am very happy that he is enjoying running, and proud of him too. :-)

  5. P, it's this evening!

  6. What Sean said was 'in December... the 5th?' and sorta turned it into a question. I looked around JHU's website last night to find out for sure but did not see anything. So glad that you found the media releases.

    I did see that Mackenzie starred in a play directed by his dad, John, at JHU last month. How very cool is that? I really would have loved to have seen that. (Praeriedikter)

  7. P, I DID see that play!!!!!!! Will send you link.

  8. Er, and it wasn't last month, it was 2 years ago.

  9. Really? Two years ago? *headdesk* And here I thought I was bringing some news to the table! :D

    This just is more proof of my techno-ineptedness. As I said earlier, I went to JHU's website to see when John Astin's celebration was. I went to "Theater Arts and Studies" then clicked on "JHU Theater". There were posters from plays with dates but not years on them. That is where I got the November from. I did glance over the posters but did not see a year so ASSUMED (and yes, I know what that stands for) that they were current posters for this year. Ummm. Guess I was wrong?!

    I would be embarrassed if it weren't so funny. OMG. THAT, my friend, is why you are the one with the blog and I'm the one reading it. You find news as it is happening and I find news that is TWO YEARS OLD!!

    Still, pretty cool that Mackenzie was directed by his father in a play.


  10. P, I likely would have made the same mistake had I not been there! :-P

    It was very cool to see Mack in a play and meet all three Astin men!