Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sean's role in "Out West"

Here's some background information about the plot of "Out West" and Sean's role in it:

Rich heiress Prissy Alcott seems to have it all. She’s living the luxe life in Vegas with her teacup piglet, Baby. Life is perfect - until she gets the call from Momma that the family is broke and selling the family ranch to their next door neighbors, Bonnie and Cal. Bonnie is Prissy’s childhood friend who has always carried a passive-aggressive desire to be Prissy. Now her "frienemy", Bonnie and her whipped husband Cal have offered to bail the Alcott’s out by buying their ranch.

Cal Calhoun (Sean Astin) is Bonnie's serious, businessman hen-pecked husband. He's goaded by his over-ambitious wife into buying the Alcott's ranch. Intent on transforming the Alcott property into a cattle slaughterhouse, Cal is not nearly as obsessive about the idea as is his driven spouse.

Sean begins filming his scenes next week. Behind the scenes pics and news should be available! :-D

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