Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sean Astin and James Cromwell in "Fear Unleashed"

In a bit of appropriate Halloween timing, word is out on a new movie for Sean with his former "Watchbird" co-star, James Cromwell.

"There's nothing to fear but "Fear Unleashed"! Sean Astin and James Cromwell are set to star in the  psychological thriller, "Fear Unleashed", shooting in Massachusetts. The film is about a man whose life gets turned upside down after he loses his job and is involved in a horrific accident. The project, which is also filming in Lousiana, is expected to start in May 2012."


  1. Oh, that are good news!

  2. Catw, It sound like a chance for some good serious acting!

  3. Oh my. That is wonderful news. Another project in which Sean gets to prove his quality. Any word on the director?

  4. Director is Swamy Kandan, according to this site: