Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Sean Astin's Nightmares and Laughs"

In an interview with Marilyn Beck and Stacy Janel Smith, Sean talks some of his recent eclectic projects, from the nightmare-causing work in "The Boys of Abu Ghraib" (Sean plays a prison guard), to the hilarity on the set of "And They're Off" ("I had to put my face in my hands to keep from laughing out loud"), and "Amazing Love," a story of "fidelity and unconditional love" in which he plays a youth pastor.

Read the interview here.


  1. What an enjoyable article. One of the sweet things about being a Sean Astin fan is the diversity of his roles. You NEVER get bored watching his projects. Some actors fall into the trap of basically doing the same role in project after project. But not Sean! He plays every role with an authenticity that leaps off the screen. Oh, and he plays bad so good. Just think "Borderland".

  2. He is very often picked for "nice guy" roles, because, well, he's a very nice guy! But he's equally adept at drama (LOTR, Rudy, Jeremiah) and comedy (50 First Dates, Demoted, Stay Cool), and wow was he convincingly, scarily good as a scary bad guy in Borderland!