Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sean heads to "Napa" for new movie (Updated)

Does this man ever rest? Not content with having worked on 6 movies since July, Sean has a role in the upcoming "Napa," which will start filming in Napa and Los Angeles at the end of October.

"Napa" is billed as a romantic thriller, and tells the story of Afghanistan war veteran Scarlett Harding, played by Rose McGowan, who returns home to become the sheriff of her town amid a string of murders and the politics of winemaking. The movie is based on the novel "Three to Get Ready" by University of Puget Sound professor of English Hans Ostrom. It will be directed by Michael Kerr, who co-wrote the script with Ostrom.

Trivia: Rose McGowan's first movie role was in "Encino Man" with Sean!

Sources here and here.

Update: Sean plays the love interest!

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