Friday, September 2, 2011

Top 10 lists

Sean's movies frequently make it into assorted top ten lists. Here are just a few examples, and a new surprising top 10, with video examples!

The Goonies:
Top 10 kids movies that adults will love
Top 10 movies of the 80s
Top 10 movies to see before you die

Top 10 movies that make men cry
Top 10 football movies
Top 10 motivational movies
Top 10 sports movies #1! also in New Orleans

Memphis Belle:
Top 5 dogfight movies

The Lord of the Rings:
Just #1, no references needed; no arguments, please! ;-)

But here's one I didn't expect to see:
Top 10 coolest runners in movies with Sean Astin as #2 for Toy Soldiers!
This dude can flat out run. I’m amazed at the speed that some actors, usually the shorter ones, can generate in their short strides. Astin sells himself as an action hero here, something that may have seemed ridiculous at the time (and may still to some). He’s got my vote, I wish we’d have gotten more action roles out of him.
Here's the scene the blogger uses to prove his point:

I think Sean also does some pretty nice running in Rudy!

By the way, he ran in the LA Marathon in 2010!

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