Thursday, September 29, 2011

Second week of "Amazing Love" filming

Today is the last day of on-location filming for "Amazing Love" in the Arrowhead Lake region. They've been doing both day and night-shoots, and have found some interesting ways to relax between the two. One evening, cast and crew watched "The Goonies" together, and later, Sean Astin (who as Mikey was Goonie #2) swore them in as official members of the Goondocks!

Scriptwriter Greg Mitchell provided a little more information on the story:
This is not just an adaptation of the Hosea story. In fact, it's crouched within a modern day context. In the film, we follow Stuart [Sean's character], a youth group leader who takes his teens on a camping trip. There they deal with strife within the group and Stuart begins to share the story of Hosea's love—a lesson that will impact all the kids. 
The Hosea portions of the movie will be shot in Israel with a whole new cast/characters. Sean's telling the story of Hosea, so it's almost like two movies in one. During the Hosea portions, it cuts back to Sean quite a bit, but he won't actually be in those "flashback" sequences.
This is a far cry from Greg's usual genre, which runs more towards the spooky! Check out his blog:

Here are some more on-set photos, taken by cast and crew.

Erin Bethea, Sean Astin

Savannah Jayde, Sean, Erin

Sean, Brian Andrews (Production Assistant), Erin

Sean, director Kevin Downes

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