Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sean Astin at Disney D23 Expo

Sean attended the Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim on August 21, where he signed autographs for fans of all ages and gave several interviews. Sean voices Oso in Disney's hit program for preschoolers, Special Agent Oso.

Signing autographs for fans

Sean was accompanied by his eldest daughter, Alexandra. Ali, 14, is interested in following in the family business!

Ali and Sean Astin

Here are some interviews:

Sean talks about how he's like his characters. Don't miss the slideshow!

“Rudy” star makes home on Disney Channel

Sean gives advice to his daughters and vice versa:
Talking With 'Special Agent Oso' Actor Sean Astin and His Daughter

In this video interview, Sean talks about doing voiceover, how his children react to it, mentions he is training for a marathon (LA Marathon, March 18, 2012? He ran in the 2010 LA Marathon), and that his beard is getting gray! The audio quality alas is not great. Update Nov 13, 2011: Sean ran in the Calabasas Classic 10k.

Sean talks about the difficulties that come with fame and the importance of family in staying sane; we learn a little about Ali's interest in acting, and how one of Sean's characters has a namesake!

You can listen to a better quality audio-only version of this interview on iTunes (August 22 program, Sean's interview starts at about 20:15).

And now for a few more pictures!

Special Agent Oso and Sean

Fan of all ages lined up to meet Sean/Oso

Click for BIG image!

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