Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goonies never say die! A prequel?

The rumors that there will be a sequel to the classic kids' adventure movie of the 80s, The Goonies, have been around for several years. There's even been talk of a broadway musical, with a treatment written by Tim Long, who has created musical episodes for The Simpsons, including "Elementary School Musical," which guest starred cast members from Glee.

Well now there's a rumor of a prequel in the works. The story would be based on the adventures of a young Chester Copperpot. (If you've seen The Goonies, you know what ultimately happens to him, a fate that could cast a pall over a new endeavor!) Sean Astin is rumored to narrate the movie, if it ever happens.

But Goonies never say die, so it may come to pass! Let's hope so, for little Mikey's sake!


  1. Oh, wow!! I think a prequel sounds way more interesting and fun than a sequel to our beloved "Goonies". With Sean narrating and if they can get original cast members to do cameos, wouldn't that be fun? If Steven Spielberg would direct that would be adding icing to the cake. It is "our time" after all!!!!

  2. i think a prequel about one eyed willy would be better. i mean it would be cool to see how willy became one eyed,how and why he got stuck in a cave,and who and how got out with the map.

  3. A One-eyed Willy story would be interesting, especially if Sean played One-eyed Willy! :-)

    It is an interesting question about just where the map came from!

  4. Hi, how they felt in the raincoat for so

  5. I was thinking about a movie that is a sequel and two prequels. It would take place about 30 years later with most of the original cast (excluding Anne Ramsey, John Matuszak, and Lupe Ontiveros obviously), and have flashbacks to the times of Chester Copperpot and One-Eyed Willie. Then I realized there was no feasible way to make it not suck. A trilogy covering each event per movie could work though.