Saturday, September 17, 2011

Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea (updated)

A new film starts shooting tomorrow [Sunday] called AMAZING LOVE: THE STORY OF HOSEA. I worked on the script with my brother Rich and Greg Mitchell (good friend who wrote Time Changer novel). Kevin Downes is directing. The movie shoots in California and Israel. Sean Astin (from "Rudy" fame) is the lead and Patty Duke makes a special appearance. Pretty cool.

Source: Facebook page of Dave Christiano

Amazing Love also stars Erin Bethea and Creagen Dow.

Additional info from Rich Christiano, Dave's brother:
Thanks to well wishes for AMAZING LOVE film. The only place we need extras are for the Israel portion of the shoot. Sean Astin, from "Rudy" and "Lord of the Rings" movies, is our lead and should be terrific. His mother, Patty Duke, is going to make a cameo! Looking to cast one more name to be in the Israel portion that starts in Oct. Film should be ready in March and planning a nationwide church release. 


  1. OK, I'm assuming this is the Hosea from the Bible, right? It doesn't really specify.

  2. Yes, mad_hobbit--it's based on the Biblical story of Hosea, and there's a modern day "wrap around story": that's the part that Mr. Astin is in :)

    Thanks for getting the word out on the film!

  3. I guess I am confused about the "church release". Will it be available to the general public? Thanks!!

  4. I think a DVD will at least be available for purchase online.

  5. I'm sorry I am confused why praeriedikter is calling his movie a "church release"? It's a little offensive. It's a story from the Bible. I think it is wonderful. It IS the greatest book ever written. :)

    1. "Church release" is a term used by director Rich Christiano to refer to the initial release of the movie in churches only rather than a general release in theaters or on DVD.