Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sean Astin at Double Road Race in Indianapolis

Sean Astin ran the Double Road Race in Indianapolis IN on Sunday August 11. The race consists of a 10K, an intermission and then a 5K. His  official time for the 10K was 56:24.4, 9:05 pace; and for the 5K was 26:10.1, 8:26 pace. His total for 15K was 1:22:34.

Sean dedicated his race to his mother-in-law Robina, who he was visiting on a break from filming "The Surface" in Milwaukee.

Sean finished the 10K and gets congratulated by race director Steve Gilbert.

Sean takes a selfie after the race.

 Sean took photos with fans during the intermission and after the race.

With Runner's World founder and swimwear photographer Bob Anderson.
Bob says Sean told him "Not only does running make me a better actor but it makes me a better person."

From irunthesetowns.blogspot.com

Photo from Kristie Rose Follmar

Photo from Lance Porter

Photo by @run_scuffles


  1. Ha! These are great! :) Am I hallucinating or did he gain some weight back? Not that I mind, just wondering.

  2. Sean, we were pleased to have you join us at the Double Road Race Indy and share the fun you had. I see you got a little taste of Kristy "Rose" 's right uppercut. Next time you are in town, stop in at Rock Steady Boxing, an innovative non-contact boxing training program to improve the quality of life for people with Parkinson's Disease. (It also is a great core workout for runners. I know!) Steve Gilbert, Race Director #RockStdyBoxing

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