Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cast and Crew of The Surface interviewed by WISN 12 TV

Costars Sean Astin and Chris Mulkey, and writer/producer Jeff Gendelman were interviewed by WISN-12 TV while filming "The Surface."

"We're having a ball. The idea that you'd come to a place and shoot an entire movie out on the water is insane. But we thought Lake Michigan will treat us well, and Milwaukee's been great," Astin said.

The director said one of the most amazing things about the movie is 85 percent of it takes place on a 1970s era speedboat.
"So the story becomes an adventure drama, and it centers around two strangers who both are at the end of their rope who suddenly meet in the unpredictable waters of Lake Michigan," Gendelman said. 
"I think this film, it's about two people that would never cross paths except for this strange day and this strange incident, so I think people will like the humanity of it you know. It's about why you should be alive," Astin said. 
"People get angels delivered to each other in their lives, and in this case, both of these guys compliment each other," Mulkey said.

Moviegoers will see the Milwaukee area in a starring role on the big screen in about 18 months.
Watch interview and read full article here.

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