Monday, October 22, 2012

Sean at Dallas Fan Days: Many pics!

Sean Astin attended the Dallas Fan Days this weekend, October 19-21. Although only scheduled to appear on Saturday and Sunday, Sean showed up on Friday, ready to start signing. The con organizers found a spot for him, though he did have to set up his table himself!

Photo from @GrammaHobbit

By jurassicmarkok on Flickr

Photo by @RedCarder

Photo by @RedCarder

Photo by @BeltranJose32

On Saturday, things really got going. Besides more autograph signing, Sean did a Q&A:

Photo by Ron Haras on Facebook

Photo by @RChristinaO_34

Photo by @LexiYouTwitFace

Photo by @dmentdentertain

Photo by Lauren Hill on Facebook

Sean did photo ops with the fans. Here are a few:

From @ElizaGoLightly4

From @Grammahobbit

Anonniemouse on Tumblr apparently likes to remain anonymous!

From @JulieMHerrick

Sean also hung out with some of the other celebrities at the show, including Dina Meyer:

Posted by @DinaMeyer

Sean with voice actress @tarastrong

Tara voices the My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle. This is important!

After the show ended for the day, Sean, Dina and Tara shared a car ride back to the hotel where Sean made a stunning confession!

Yes, it's true! Sean is a "brony" and his favorite My Little Pony is Twilight Sparkle, voiced by Tara herself! ;-)

There was an encounter with Freddie Krueger, aka Robert Englund in the elevator!
Photo by @DinaMeyer

Then they met up with Eddie McClintock and Casper Van Dien for some socializing:

Eddie, Sean, Casper, Dina and Tara. Photo from @DinaMeyer

Photo from @tarastrong

The group split up, Sean and Casper joining some others for dinner.

Photo from @CasperVanDien
The taxi ride home. Photo from @CasperVanDien

But they met back up with Dina, Tara and Eddie for a last elevator ride in the hotel!

Photo by @CasperVanDien

Finally, it was time for the Sunday, the final day of the Dallas Fan Days convention. Sean went with a plaid shirt again!

The day started with a gifting! Photo from @tarastrong

Then Sean got back to autograph signing. Photo from Tay Wild on Facebook.

Another Tay Wild photo

From frozencaelum on Tumblr

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