Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sean Astin and Billy Boyd at Ring*Con day 1

Sean and Billy are both attending Ring*Con in Bonn, Germany this weekend. Here are several photos of them from Friday, October 5.


Reporter: After 11 years, how much of your life is still the Lord of the Rings?
Sean Astin: 16%
Reporter:Sean Astin: Well, people still want me to carry them up mountains…
Billy Boyd: I still tell people that I was the most important hobbit in the movie. I mean, I got those trees to help us… that's big.  Source

These next two photos are from Geek on the Prowl.

Sean is growing his beard for "Cabin Fever: Patient Zero" which begins filming later this month.

The following photos were taken by @evelienh. One day I hope we hear the whole story! ;-)

On seeing this photo the following day, Billy said
"Sean has a great ass, never pass up on grabbing it if you can!"

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