Sunday, October 7, 2012

Many Photos of Sean and Billy from RingCon

Here is a selection of photos of Sean Astin and Billy Boyd from this weekend's Ring*Con in Bonn, Germany. We will have many more goodies including detailed reports from our friends in the field later! :-D

And don't miss Sean's photos from his morning run and the other Sean and Billy pics.

The following are from Eve @evelienh:

Sean gets ready to sign autographs

Billy comes over for a chat.

Billy and Sean on stage together

Sean high 5's the other guest while moderator Mark Ferguson shows the audience!

Sean and popular con moderator Mark Ferguson, aka Gil Ghalad

Two Hobbits and an Elf hug!

Dueling with microphones??

Billy looks up passages in The Lord of the Rings.

"The Road Goes Ever On and On"

Sean and Billy on the throne

These pics are from assorted sources as indicated:

Sean with @Gini_Baggins as Frodo, and Sam & Frodo!

Oops lost track of where this one came from. Billy admires Sean's thick hair!


Sean and Billy read from The Lord of the Rings, by @AnniFeelgoodink
By @travelisbliss

Samwise chocolate? Yum! By @Sanne_Doe



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