Sunday, September 23, 2012

South Bend Photo Collection

Sean spent the weekend in South Bend, IN, visiting old haunts from the "Rudy" days and campaigning for his friend Brendan Mullen, who is running for US Congress. Here are many photos from Friday and Saturday:

Photo by South Bend Tribune

On Friday, Sean visited Holy Cross College, the school Rudy Ruettiger attended before being accepted into Notre Dame.

Photo by @spes_unica

Sean received the title of Honorary Alumnus of Holy Cross.

Sean met Tyler who has Batten Disease. Tyler knows every line of "Rudy" by heart.
Photo by Heather Hans Allman

He did the rounds of the morning news shows (see interviews here) and posed with the star-struck news anchors of Fox 28 and WNDU 16!

Sean did a meet and greet at Corby's Irish Bar, another "Rudy" location, campaigning for Brendan.

Photo by James Brosher, South Bend Tribune

Photo by @farondale

Photo by @jpberlin02

Photo by South Bend Tribune

On Saturday, Sean took the time to meet the famous Petey from Made in Michiana:

Photo by Mullen for Congress

And meet with some fans at the Notre Dame library:

Photo by @GetALifeShelley

Photo by @JAK0107

And get a quick trim. (No, not the curls! :-O)

Photo by Mullen for Congress

Photo by Mullen for Congress

Then it was time to get ready for the Notre Dame v Michigan game. Notre Dame won 13-6!

Photo by J_raiderman15

Photo by Mullen for Congress


  1. So awesome! Thanks for summing this all up for us!


    1. Thank you! He's really had a busy weekend! :-D