Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rob Paulsen TMNT interview

Comics Alliance interviewed Rob Paulsen, Raphael in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles about his new role as Donatello, and Sean Astin taking over as Raphael in the new Nickelodeon animated series premiering September 29.

CA: Sean Astin has taken over as Raphael, bringing a new flavor to a role you helped define. While a number of other actors have played Raph over the years, have you felt like you've had to more metaphorically pass the torch this time around?
RP: Yes. I'm sure that's because we work together so closely. He is such a gem. He's doing a terrific job too as are the rest of the cast. Sean brings an edge to Raph that I really dig. He, Greg and Jason have been so deferential with respect to my having been there at the beginning and couldn't be more supportive. I believe the audience will feel the connection between us. It's palpable in the studio. Lovely.
CA: You've worked with scores of actors over the years on different projects. What's stood out to you about the dynamic of this particular cast voicing a group of brothers?
RP: We all "got" each other immediately. I think Ciro Nieli, Sarah Noonan and the decision makers at Viacom did a great job of matching the actors over and above the relative sounds of our voices together. We really do love working as a team and the recent press opportunities have allowed us to "perform" together outside of the studio. It's pure joy. Sharp kids, those three. :-)
Read full interview here.

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