Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sean Astin to star in Cabin Fever prequel

Sean Astin will star, along with Brandon Eaton and Ben Hollingsworth, in a prequel to Eli Roth's 2002 horror film cult classic Cabin Fever. "Cabin Fever: Patient Zero" is about a bachelor party on a cruise ship that runs aground on a medical research island in the Caribbean, accidentally unleashing a deadly virus.* The passengers struggle to find a way to survive before their own demons and the flesh-eating disease consume them all. The film will be directed by Kaare Andrews and is due to start filming August 13 in the Dominican Republic.


Update: “With Sean, we wanted an actor with gravity who is also popular with the fanboy fan-base,” producer Evan Astrowsky said in a statement. “Coupling Sean with fresh faces like Ben and Brando gives ‘Cabin Fever’ the pedigree of cast we’ve always desired.”


Trivia: The original "Cabin Fever" and its sequel, "Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever," starred Ryder Strong, who was in Sean's only other horror film, "Borderland."

* The terms "virus" and "bacteria" are being used interchangeably in various articles online. It is not clear which it is supposed to be or if the producers know the difference! The real flesh-eating disease in the news is bacterial in origin.


  1. They just HAD to go the flesh-eating virus route, huh? What role does Sean play? Do we know? Hugs, Rach

    1. I have to admit flesh-eating viruses is not my favorite plot device! :-O

      That they wanted an actor with "gravity" suggests a person of authority, but I haven't a clue!

    2. Just found a synopsis! See my newest post!