Saturday, June 9, 2012

Clip from unaired pilot "American Men"

In 2006, Sean made a pilot for an ABC TV sitcom called "American Men" (originally called "The Guys"). The show was never picked up and the pilot never aired, but a clip has just surfaced. [Thanks to SeanAstinZone for the heads up!]

Sean Astin, Stephen Tobolowsky, Bumper Robinson, Robert Bagnell and David Anthony Higgins

A description of the show:
When you have your first kid, for a little while, you can still get away with trying to convince yourself that you're still that same fun-loving guy who you were pre-kid...hang out with all those buddies you used to hang out with, and do all those cool pre-kid things. But at a certain point, you have to realize that you are not that cool guy anymore: you are a dad. And the people you are actually hanging out with are not those cool guys you used to hang out with but are, in fact, the random assortment of other dads who just happen to have kids the same age as yours. That is your group. That is your posse. That is your reality. And if you are anything like Sean Wilson [Sean Astin], you become determined to make those people your friends and to make that group work. Brought together by their kids, The Guys is about the unlikely but life-altering friendship created amongst a disparate group of men who otherwise would never be spending time together. An executive producer for Malcolm in the Middle and a writer for The Andy Dick Show examine the private lives of new fathers and prove they can do so much more than change a diaper. It's about the balance between their desire to be an important part of their kids' development and rediscovering the simple joys of outside interests.

Interesting side note: The pilot was directed by Rob Schiller, who directed "And They're Off," the horse racing comedy starring Sean, recently released on DVD!


  1. OK, I see why that didn't go. Sean was good but the guy with him. ..

    1. That character was a tad stereotypical, LOL!

      I'd love to see the whole show though!