Friday, June 8, 2012

Praise for Sean Astin in "Demoted" review

I found the notion that Astin’s character Mike, despite being a successful sales associate with a major firm, would still live with his parents quite funny, especially since his mother ultimately takes it upon herself to entertain the strippers Mike brings home each night. More of that certainly would have been nice. In fact, more Sean Astin in general would have benefited the film greatly.

Astin proves to be the most consistently funny performer throughout.

Mike on the other hand, undergoes a complete lifestyle transformation by the end of the picture, which makes him a more logical focal point. Moreover, Astin delivers a more thoroughly solid comic performance than any other Demoted cast member, so much so that he steals virtually every scene he appears in. For even when he isn’t talking, Astin finds some sort of bizarre comic business to do that ultimately draws focus from the trite action and dialogue going on around him anyway.

Sean Astin is wonderful in the picture and here’s hoping that he gets a chance to play the lead in a superior comedy soon.


"Demoted" will be out on Blu-ray and DVD on June 12.


  1. Sean steals every scene in every movie he's in - seriously. He has a way of elevating even the worst source material.

    I hope this posts. I haven't been able to post here in weeks.

    Hugs, Rach

    1. Hey it worked, you posted! I agreed pretty much with everything the reviewer said about the whole movie. It's rather funny in a low-brow way, at least if you see it with an audience whose laughter gets your own going, but it's not anything new or innovative.

      But Sean is thoroughly enjoyable!

  2. Trust me when I tell you that as a director you can't go wrong by letting Sean Astin ad-lib! The problem is trying to find a way to use all the insanity that he unleashes!

    1. I do trust you, but I also want to see for myself!!! ;-)