Monday, June 4, 2012

Collectormania Day 3

Sean took numerous photographs, both formal and informal, with fans on the last day of Collectormania in Milton Keynes, UK. Here are a few of them. Don't miss the other Collectormania photos, including Sean playing football (American soccer).

Sean and Harry, posted by @DaveJKing

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  1. Shouldn't you normally ask the owner of the photo if you want to use there picture before posting it on your site? I don't mind you using my picture but it would be nice to ask first, thanks

    1. Unless someone expressly states they want permission before reposting, I assume that it's okay to reblog. I try to give credit to the original poster, though I occasionally lose track of where an image came from. If I am asked to take a picture down, I will do so immediately. I apologize if you preferred to be asked first.

  2. Did anyone notice that Sean isn't wearing hisb wedding band ?

    1. Anon, sometimes he doesn't wear his ring, most of the time he does. He wore it for example at the C2E2 con in Chicago a few weeks earlier, and during some, but not all of his Vox Populi shows. Maybe he didn't bring it to the UK with him.