Friday, May 18, 2012

Vox Populi: Radio worth watching!

Are you tuning into Vox Populi: The Voice of the Occasionally Interested People? If not, you are missing out on fascinating and thought-provoking discussions of the topics of the day. Here's the description of yesterday's episode from the web site:
The main topic of the show today was exploring the meaning of the Obama Campaign's Commercial regarding Governor Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital. The featured guest Dr. Noam Chomsky spoke about the advertising industry's dominance in shaping political thought in America. Today marked the appearance of Vox Populi's 1st in-studio guest Mackenzie "Mack" Astin, the younger brother of Host Sean Astin. The brothers enjoyed some repartee picking up on Chomsky's commercialization of the political sphere. Several callers offered substantive comments on the subject and a good time was had by all…
Permanent link for 05/17/12 episode.

Mackenzie and Sean Astin
Vox Populi airs live on Thursdays, noon-2pm PT. More information on watching/listening options at the Vox Populi FAQ.


  1. Sean is doing an amazing job with the show. He is so knowledgable! And he does such a good job making sure that all sides to an issue are aired and discussed. And he isn't dumbing anything down. Adding Mack to the mixture is so much fun. There is (obviously) such chemistry between the two! Hope Mack comes back on again and soon!

    I appreciated the time change. I was able to listen to it live rather than waiting til later in the week and listening to the pod cast. Sadly, I realize the time change was for last week only, though! Just sayin......

    Thanks, Sean!

    1. Sean is doing an excellent job of keeping the discussions civil and useful, and of booking interesting guests. Mack is great--he's obviously smart and well-informed too, and they complement each other well. I hope he's back often! Plus there were some great callers this time too! ;-)

      The time change works better for me too! I could get home and listen to it all. The first show I was off from work that afternoon, but the second time, I could only watch part of it at work.