Sunday, May 6, 2012

Promo clip for Hollywood Treasure

Promo clip for the season premiere of "Hollywood Treasure" airing on SyFy Channel, Tuesday May 22, 10pm ET. Sean will be showing memorabilia from some of his movies.

Thanks to @MovieElijahWood for the heads up on this!


  1. There was another commercial for the show that was on last night also. In it, whatever the guy tells Sean causes a look of shock on Sean's face and his hands to come up to the top of his head. So cute!!

    I love stuff like this. Wonder if any of my Osmond memoribilia is worth anything??? I may have to start watching this show. I might be rich and not know it!!

    1. I'll have to watch some SyFy and see if I can catch the other promo!

      It would be very cool if your stuff was worth something. You should ask Joe! ;-)