Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sean Astin plays football: Action pics!

Here are yet more pics from the NFL Players Association Premiere League Flag Football game on Friday, May 18. These were posted by Sean himself on his twitter account, and were taken by Gregg Forwerck. (Captions are as posted by Sean. You can super-size images by opening in new window.)

Prepare 2b WOW'd I just received these #NFL #NFLPA #FlagFootball game pics
Oh yeah baby... I call this 1 'It's On'

Here I'm explaining 2 Jevon #TheFreak Kearse importance of physicality as he reflects
on the mental aspect of the game

RyanBroyles and I both just figured out that flea flicker refers to a play
and not the injuring of a little creature

Um, has anyone noticed the significance of the #9 on my Jersey?
[Hint* in the black shirt...could be 1 of the Riders]

Don't let the attractive look on my face detract from the athleticism of the play!

& Voila... Cover & Run... Not just good dating advice...

I tried explaining to #RogerCraig what I meant by the 1st step,
in the end I figured it was just better to show him

NO JOKE This was FUN - TY #NFLPA 4 a great time #Players & #Fans AWESOME
P.S. still can't walk-muscles never hurt so bad


  1. Ha! he looks good in black!! And his taut calves ... *swoons*