Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hollywood Treasure Tidbits

From Sci-Fi Talk interview with Hollywood Treasures host Joe Maddalena:

Tony Tellado: And I want to ask you, do you have coming up a journey to Middle Earth featuring Sean Astin. Can you tell us about that? 

Joe Maddalena: Sean Astin is a neighbor. He lives close by, and is a friend. We’re selling a large collection belonging to the Drier family, and in the collection is – was this amazing map of Middle Earth. And I thought Sean, knowing his interest obviously in that part of the world, would enjoy seeing the map. So it was actually Tolkein’s copy, so he came by and we kind of had a little period where we went through his, you know – he took us back down memory lane and we learned interesting things. He was basically, like – he went from the Shire to Mordor on what happened, and it was an interesting response, because he said well, we’re making this movie, Elijah and I figuring we’re going to have all this time together, a year and a half, and at the end we’re going to do this epic climax,  throwing the ring in the mountain, and  and by the time we get there, we’ll be ready. And what happened was we were filming and there was a giant flood, and the set got wiped away, and they came in and said well, we’re going to film the climax instead, and this is very early in the process, and Sean’s like, I – we can’t do that. We’re not ready. And they’re like, you’re ready. So – and they literally – it was just like amazing insight into his world, his character. It was – it’s fascinating to meet him and kind of learn about that world. 

From Zap2it.com:

The episode also includes an incredibly touching segment in which Maddalena restores the football helmet his friend Sean Astin wore in the movie "Rudy" and in doing so, helps Astin realize for the first time how much that movie meant to countless fathers and sons.

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