Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trailer for Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (German)

The German web site has posted the trailer for "Cabin Fever: Patient Zero" (dubbed in German with English subtitles) as well as the box cover artwork. According to them, the movie will be released in that country in DVD/Blu-ray/3-D Blu-ray with an over-18 rating on February 6, 2014.

A bachelor party cruise in the Caribbean encounters a medical-research island where a deadly virus, carried by an asymptomatic Sean Astin, has been unleashed. The passengers must struggle to find a way to survive before their own demons and the flesh-eating bacteria consume them all.

Comic book artist Kaare Andrews directed the film based on a screenplay by Jake Wade Wall (The Hitcher). Currie Graham, Mitch Ryan, Jillian Murray, Brando Eaton, Lydia Hearst, and Ryan Donowho also star.

No word on a US release yet.

Update: UK DVD release date is March 17.

Be sure to turn on captioning when watching the trailer!

Sean definitely got a little shaggy for filming.

More behind the scenes photos can be found here.

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