Sunday, November 17, 2013

More photos from Rudy Anniversary Celebration

Here are a few more photos from the Rudy 20th Anniversary Celebration held October 17, 2013, in Las Vegas. See more photos here.

Thoughtful Sean on the flight to Las Vegas.

What's this? The Eye of Sauron in the desert??? 

Sean hitched a ride on a friend's private plane! Pretty sweet, but no in-flight movie.

Sean thinks he's taller than Rudy!

Sean thinks he's sexier than that guy!

Angelo Pizzo, Cheryl Ruettiger, Kenny Hall, Sean Astin, Rudy Ruettiger

And now Sean is trying his skills as hypnotist??

The Q&A panel after the screening.

Sean and friends at the reception.


  1. Nice Fotos...especialythe first one ;-)

  2. Love the pics & Love the movie I watch it everytime it's on tv. Sean u were great in it.