Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sean Astin in Stan Lee's Mighty 7

Sean Astin will star alongside Darren Criss, Christian Slater, Mayim Bialik, Teri Hatcher, Flea, Jim Belushi, Michael Ironside and Stan Lee himself in the upcoming trilogy of animated films "Stan Lee's Mighty 7."

In the story, Stan Lee is hired by Archie Comics to create a new group of superheroes. He finds himself stumped with writer’s block and heads to the desert to clear his mind. When seven aliens suddenly crash land near him and start demonstrating their various superpowers, he decides, “Perfect! They will be come my next superheroes!” But almost instantly, he realizes they are being chased by the military and aliens from their own planet, and he needs to act quickly. He makes the decision to have them move into his house in Malibu where he will teach them everything they need to know about being superheroes. Comedy and adventure ensue as the aliens try to adapt to life on earth, and their new roles as superheroes, all the while running for their lives! Source

Sean voices Kid Energy, a half-alien, half-human hybrid teen who was born on Earth to a Chinese woman. He’s an action junkie driven by the need for attention, and his crimes were always larger than life. He once stole a planet’s moon. He has a big crush on Silver Skylark. He’s drawn to games of chance and taking risks. He has a con artist’s mind and sees Strong Arm as a father figure. Source

More details on plot and characters here.

Update: The first of the films is scheduled to air on The Hub Network on February 1, 2014, 8pm EST. A 26-episode series is also planned.

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