Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sean Astin's Saturday in Tokyo: Photos and Videos

After Sean ran the TELL Charity Walk and Runathon, he still had a full day of activities ahead of him, including an interview on Wallop TV, visiting the Hollywood Collectors Gallery and shopping!

Photos are by Sean Astin and Mitsuaki Munegumi.

Sean at the Tokyo Skytree Tower

Sean points out the officer's Light Saber!

The colorful set for Wallop TV

Sean taking the above photo!

John Alcantar, the show's host, Sean and Mitsuaki Munegumi

Video of the interview:

After the interview, they all go out for a little shopping.

Sean tries a sweet treat, warabimochi.

He adds his autograph to the door of the Hollywood Collectors Gallery.

A replica of Sting!

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