Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sean Astin at the Marine Corp Historic Half Marathon

Sean Astin ran the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon today in Fredricksburg VA. His times were: 5K in 32:33, 10:29 min/mi; 10K in 1:05:48, 10:36 min/mi; 15K in 1:37:11, 10:26 min/mi; 20K 2:06:31, 10:11 min/mi and a strong finish time of 2:11:58, 10:04 min/mi. Here is the first batch of photos and a video from the event.

Sean shows off his #run3rd logo for a group of Marines.

Sean shows off his medal. Photo by wryang.

Sean gets Bib #1 from Carmelita Salinas!!

Sean with race director Rick Nealis.

Sean and local Channel 4 meteoriologist Chuck Bell check the forecast. 

At the start of the race with historic starter's pistol!

At 10 mile mark. Photo by @ChristalBlue

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