Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday in Shizuoka and Fujieda

On Friday morning, Sean Astin, Robert Englund, John Alcantar (Entertainment Legends) and Mitsuaki Munegumi (organizer of Hollywood Collectors Convention) took the Shinkansen (aka the Bullet Train) from Tokyo to Shizuoka, just the beginning of their adventures!

Is this the right track??

John and Sean

When they arrived, they attended a very special welcoming ceremony!

Robert and Sean got to wear cool capes!

Checking out a diorama.

They also got to wear very cool hats!

Sean poses for a pic with an auntie.

They meet students in a high school English club.

Sean checks out some bottles of saki

It's Sean-on-a-cake!

Definitely too cute to eat!

Over in Fujieda, it's time for autograph signing & photo ops at Cine Prego.

Robert's wife Nancy tries on a kimono.

Robert, John and Sean take a break.

Nancy, Sean and Robert clean their hands before dinner.

A traditional shabu-shabu meal, with thin strips of beef and veggies dipped in hot water to cook,
and a variety of dipping sauces.

Heading back to Tokyo

Photos courtesy of Mitsuaki Munegumi @sovjapan.


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  2. Dear SEAN,
    Thank you for your coming to Fujieda on May 3rd.
    We were so happy to meet you.
    We had a lots of fun that day.
    And thank you so much to make a report of Japan, especially about Fujieda.
    If you don't mind ,please to see this address.
    You can see selected reports of Hollycon2 in Fujieda.