Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photos of Sean Astin at Fandom Fest/Fright Night

Unless otherwise noted, photos are by me.

Photo by immerlocked on Tumblr

Okay we're ready to sign with Twitter bird watching!

By @laurakaye78

From Louisville.com

Noah eats Sean's glasses. From Todd Boyer Facebook

Sean's new iPhone case

From cowabungacorner.com

Yes, John is tickling me again!

Sean is fascinated by fan's story.

The Goonies, Lord of the Rings and Rudy were about equally popular among fans.

Signing a Notre Dame jacket.

Just like Rudy's!

Switching positions with fan Laurie

Being behind the table is fun!

Sean gives a brief glimpse of his LOTR tattoo.

From naughtyvixen on Tumblr

From dead-poets-honor on Tumblr

Sean talks with Leia the young writer.

From seanastinzone.com


  1. I would freak out if I could meet Sean!

    1. LOL there were a few fans that were pretty nervous, but Sean was so sweet with everyone, he put them right at ease!

  2. I had the great fortune to meet Sean and have my picture taken with him at Fandom Fest! He was so sweet! He held my hand and asked my name and I was on cloud nine. It was just a bonus that during the Lord of the Rings photo op, John Rhys-Davies was tickling my friend and me while we were waiting on the photographer.

    1. Oh that's cool you were there! It was so amazing to see him interacting with so many different people. He was great with all of them!

      John is definitely a tickler! :-)

  3. Does Sean ever make visits to Coeur d'Alene? And when will his next visit be. I am moving back to that area in the next week or so and it would be a honor to meet him.